Process Paper

                                                                                        RTN Paper

          The journey of Chase Shannon was one that gave me the sense of déjà vu. It seemed as if it had happened to someone else I’ve heard of. It took me a moment and I realized that person was in fact me. We had similar backgrounds in loving sports and found out a way to express it. One aspect of his life that made him take the sports broadcasting route was that he found out early in his high school career that he could not play the sports he loved at the level he was asked to play at. When he was hit with that decision he was glad he acted upon it. Chases values were not very obvious but one that I could notice was the value of hard work.

            He reiterated that hard work pays off and that it got him to where he is today. After conducting multiple interviews with people whose careers are rather different I learned that the career finding process is far easier than what I perceived it to be. If it is something that you love and that drives you to do what you do, then that will play a large role in how you choose a career whether you know it or not. A theme that was paramount along with is the theme of hard work. Hard work is a value, a trait and theme. All four of these individuals spoke of how hard they worked to get where they are today and that without hard work you may never get what you truly want.  Working hard and loving something are great, but both together make for a spectacular outlook on the future.

        The differences between the interviews were not only location and meeting type, but also the people were different and how they achieved what they had had achieved were, well, achieved differently. Some had jobs via family or acquired through internships. Now how much I take away from what I’ve observed is up to time, but hopefully I will find myself in their positions, with prospective students wanting to interview me. 

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Strong Assessment

My “Strong Type” is the combination of AIS; Artistic, Investigative and Social. I believed that I would atleast an A and S, but the I was not anticipated for I believed I’d be an R. It is ironic because my R, realistic, was at a 42 and my I was at a 48. Strange world. I think this scale says that I, Ryan Phelan am destined to be a social person who delves into the liberal art side of society and hopefully becomes a broadcast journalist sometime along the way. One of the occupations that this assessment believes I should get into is Broadcast Journalism, which is exactly what I want to be. Going on to the “O-net” I have discovered that many of the traits a broadcaster needs (i.e. speaking, multiple types of reasoning, creativity etc.) are traits, skills and abilities that I already have. Another occupation in which my Strong Assessment recommended to me was the job of a Speech Pathologist. After some research, as I do not have much knowledge of this career, I’ve found out that this job is one in which a person helps another person mentally via the use of speech. This career is not exactly illustrious but it sounds like something that I could do, whereas broadcast journalism is something I want to do. Both careers make use of speech and the ability to communicate with people effectively.  My personal style scales preferences:

1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.
2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books.
3. You probably are comfortable both leading by example and taking charge.
4. You may be comfortable taking some risks.
5. You probably enjoy both team roles and independent roles.

This list is supposed to describe how I act socially. I complete agree with this list, it is scarily accurate. I can be content with working by myself or working in a group. Learning for me is best comprehended through lectures and the reading of material. I do enjoy leading but I also enjoy going in others foot steps. Risks? I love risks. They keep me on edge and if I’m leading a group and we do something risky I am prepared to take 100% of the fault/blame for whatever we did for I led them. Team roles are exciting but so are independent roles. Team roles can be exciting because getting a group of people who yearn for higher knowledge is always interesting whereas singular roles can be interesting for every single person is different in the way they operate. Under A I found the major of Journalism and broadcasting and if my knowledge of UNT is correct we have an amazing Mayborn School of Journalism. They teach both Broadcasting and Journalism. I plan to delve into the broadcast side of things but will not limit myself to JUST broadcasting. 

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A week in the life…

   As you can tell, I enjoy sleeping. I tell everyone, every day that all I do is sleep, and looking at this graph, it is true. I find it amusing that free time is the second big chunk, but it is not free, it is usually used for studying homework material. Looking at my time I need to spend maybe more than an hour a day on chores or basic housekeeping. It is essential in my fight against being a typical dirty college student to do so. I feel like my time could be alocated better, maybe a few more hours or so on scheduled functions (i.e getting involved and not being a recluse). My travel times are varying depending on whether I go back to Victory hall between my lovely UGST class and my English class, if i don’t take the Eagle Point bus back I spend my time studying in the Willis Library until I have to walk to the general academics building. Seeing as I don’t work i have plenty of time for other activities like socializing. It is a big part of my life, though it may seem like I am not social, once I get going I am quite the gregarious fellow. though my free time is basically study time, I know I need to actually devote specific time to study instead of just “Oh hey, looks like I’ll study instead of watch Netflix.”. I need to devote time to study and devote time to my personal life. 


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MBTI Post- More self indulgence

Guessing what these letters meant at first was like trying to teach me Latin, it just wasn’t going to work. But after our class discussion on what each of the letters meant and finding out which one I thought I was it was like speaking English. I was 3 for 4 on my letters, I managed to get the E, N and J correct but I came up short on guessing between T and F. According to the assessment I am an F, but I thought I was a T. Crazy world. I think that this report is spot on, it repeats certain question which can be irritating at times but it helped me actually pay attention to what I was answering instead of just blowing off this assignment, well, assessment test. In hindsight I’m glad I put my all into it because it really opened up the door to who I really am and want to be, a broadcaster of sports. Like I just mentioned in the previous sentence, this assessment really opened my eyes; of which were already peering into the door of broadcasting sports, but it was fuzzy. It’s like this test gave me glasses to see clearly that I know what I’m good at and if i keep on the path I’m on, I’ll be able to open the door and achieve my goal. When going to the “O-net” I searched the “Artist, coach, musician…” tab under ‘Job Families” and then went to “Broadcast News Analyst”. After looking over what they usually do (i.e. gathering data for a story, presenting the story for broadcast etc.) I found out that this is exactly what I want to do. The skills like Speaking, Active Learning/Listening and Social perceptiveness are all abilities that I’ve been graced with in my life and have fine tuned over the years. The pay is not that bad, especially when you take into consideration that, if it’s something you love, it’s overpaying. At $55,000 a year, or $26.63 an hour (both numbers represent median pay for 2012) and an expected growth rate ranging from 10 to 19 percent from 2010 to 2019  that is a lot of job potential. This test shows to me that I should be an interior designer (which is not the best idea because im colour blind.), followed by Craft Artist and Industrial/Organizational physcologist, these are all great professions, but they’re just not for me. I can appreciate these jobs and yes if sports weren’t my passion I could be the next great sculpture of Ivory. But that’s not how the cards fell for me, and it’s not what gets me going. One of the “Least Popular Job Occupations was and eltrical man. That part is spot on. I cannot deal with labor such as that. All else being said, I’m excited to become a broadcast journalist, whether it be for the Isotopes in triple-A baseball, The Houston Rockets or even Liverpool FC, I’m excited. This test has given me new light into a field work in which i had previously turned the lights off for. 

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My Marathon

My “red rubber ball”, or really my inspiration is talking, I love to talk. Whether it be about sports or even how plants obtain nutrients, I love talking. For many years in the public school system I’d get in trouble for talking, talking to people about subjects that mutually interest us both. I’m a man of the people, I love to voice and listen to  all opinions, whether it be an opinion voiced by Obama or even an opinion of you, yes you, the one who’s reading this, I just love to be socially interactive and being able to tell people about certain topics. When it all boils down sports is what gets me talking the most, it’s my passion. I do not play sports for the school but I love to stay involved in their sporting events any way that I can. Sometimes I can drag on “too long” on a specific subject, but I feel that if it is brought up briefly, it can be talked about in depth for everything has a story. My plan as of now is to become a sports broadcaster/journalist for ESPN, but I’ll take any job as long it’s sports. It really drives me when discussing sports because no matter where you come from or who you vote for we can put all of our differences aside and discuss the beauty that is sports in the modern day world. ImageImageImage

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Bucket List

Well, I’m sure there are more things I want to do than just the few im going to post, but here’s the top ten! 
1. Go visit Australia
2. Scuba dive with sharks
3. Climb Mt.Everest
4. Go to the Olympics
5. Meet Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera.
6. Run a marathon!
7. Own a boat and go deep sea fishing for days
8. Go to every major sporting events championship game(s) at least once
9. Learn a different language. 
10. Build an epic, multi-story treehouse.

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Probably the Introduction

Well, it appears that you have ignored the blog title that told you to leave so I guess you’ve earned the right to hear my story. I was born 3 months premature which is pretty early, but I managed somehow. Having to carry around an oxygen tank for the first 2 years of my life was pretty traumatic, so I’ve been told. Fast forward a couple of years and there’s me, playing baseball and going to school without an oxygen tank. You could say I’m a success story but that’s too much praise. Going through elementary school and middle school I played football, baseball and participated in band playing the French Horn. A major event in my life took place when the New York Giants won Superbowl 42 over the New England Patriots. The Yankees won multiple World Series from 1997-2000 but I was too young to remember those games. Luckily in 2009 they gave me a game to remember by beating the Phillies to win their 27th world series. If you haven’t noticed I like sports, a lot. i’d still be playing sports if it weren’t for a knee injury in high school followed by a bruised lung. In high school I also found out that I was colourblind which is rather uncommon being that 1 in 10 men are. Going through high school not much else really happened, I was a good student, and I caught a shark last summer in Florida.  I now, being in college, hope to be either a Journalism major or Biology major, and that’s where we are right now.

Im the banana on the right.

Im the banana on the right.

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