Ryan Phelan; A TED like talk.

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3 Responses to Ryan Phelan; A TED like talk.

  1. unttemp says:

    RYAN. I know that kid next to you. I think……dang this is gonna be on my mind all night. Anyway, it was awesome doing our ted talks together. I had a blast doing them. I think it’s awesome we want to do the same thing for the most part. The bloopers were the best part on both of our videos. Hope you get done what you want to do. I think it would be a sports broadcaster or reporter or that sort of thing. We’re a pretty good duo. It was awesome having the same class, and hopefully we can be in another class in the future.

  2. deneeeeese says:

    Watching your ted talk really made me see that you can and will be a sports broadcaster. You have a strong voice and great articulation and maybe your beard helps too.

  3. You are definitely meant to be a broadcaster haha. You’re really comfortable with the camera, and we all know that you’re hysterical. Good job!

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