Process Paper

                                                                                        RTN Paper

          The journey of Chase Shannon was one that gave me the sense of déjà vu. It seemed as if it had happened to someone else I’ve heard of. It took me a moment and I realized that person was in fact me. We had similar backgrounds in loving sports and found out a way to express it. One aspect of his life that made him take the sports broadcasting route was that he found out early in his high school career that he could not play the sports he loved at the level he was asked to play at. When he was hit with that decision he was glad he acted upon it. Chases values were not very obvious but one that I could notice was the value of hard work.

            He reiterated that hard work pays off and that it got him to where he is today. After conducting multiple interviews with people whose careers are rather different I learned that the career finding process is far easier than what I perceived it to be. If it is something that you love and that drives you to do what you do, then that will play a large role in how you choose a career whether you know it or not. A theme that was paramount along with is the theme of hard work. Hard work is a value, a trait and theme. All four of these individuals spoke of how hard they worked to get where they are today and that without hard work you may never get what you truly want.  Working hard and loving something are great, but both together make for a spectacular outlook on the future.

        The differences between the interviews were not only location and meeting type, but also the people were different and how they achieved what they had had achieved were, well, achieved differently. Some had jobs via family or acquired through internships. Now how much I take away from what I’ve observed is up to time, but hopefully I will find myself in their positions, with prospective students wanting to interview me. 

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