Strong Assessment

My “Strong Type” is the combination of AIS; Artistic, Investigative and Social. I believed that I would atleast an A and S, but the I was not anticipated for I believed I’d be an R. It is ironic because my R, realistic, was at a 42 and my I was at a 48. Strange world. I think this scale says that I, Ryan Phelan am destined to be a social person who delves into the liberal art side of society and hopefully becomes a broadcast journalist sometime along the way. One of the occupations that this assessment believes I should get into is Broadcast Journalism, which is exactly what I want to be. Going on to the “O-net” I have discovered that many of the traits a broadcaster needs (i.e. speaking, multiple types of reasoning, creativity etc.) are traits, skills and abilities that I already have. Another occupation in which my Strong Assessment recommended to me was the job of a Speech Pathologist. After some research, as I do not have much knowledge of this career, I’ve found out that this job is one in which a person helps another person mentally via the use of speech. This career is not exactly illustrious but it sounds like something that I could do, whereas broadcast journalism is something I want to do. Both careers make use of speech and the ability to communicate with people effectively.  My personal style scales preferences:

1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.
2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books.
3. You probably are comfortable both leading by example and taking charge.
4. You may be comfortable taking some risks.
5. You probably enjoy both team roles and independent roles.

This list is supposed to describe how I act socially. I complete agree with this list, it is scarily accurate. I can be content with working by myself or working in a group. Learning for me is best comprehended through lectures and the reading of material. I do enjoy leading but I also enjoy going in others foot steps. Risks? I love risks. They keep me on edge and if I’m leading a group and we do something risky I am prepared to take 100% of the fault/blame for whatever we did for I led them. Team roles are exciting but so are independent roles. Team roles can be exciting because getting a group of people who yearn for higher knowledge is always interesting whereas singular roles can be interesting for every single person is different in the way they operate. Under A I found the major of Journalism and broadcasting and if my knowledge of UNT is correct we have an amazing Mayborn School of Journalism. They teach both Broadcasting and Journalism. I plan to delve into the broadcast side of things but will not limit myself to JUST broadcasting. 

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