A week in the life…

   As you can tell, I enjoy sleeping. I tell everyone, every day that all I do is sleep, and looking at this graph, it is true. I find it amusing that free time is the second big chunk, but it is not free, it is usually used for studying homework material. Looking at my time I need to spend maybe more than an hour a day on chores or basic housekeeping. It is essential in my fight against being a typical dirty college student to do so. I feel like my time could be alocated better, maybe a few more hours or so on scheduled functions (i.e getting involved and not being a recluse). My travel times are varying depending on whether I go back to Victory hall between my lovely UGST class and my English class, if i don’t take the Eagle Point bus back I spend my time studying in the Willis Library until I have to walk to the general academics building. Seeing as I don’t work i have plenty of time for other activities like socializing. It is a big part of my life, though it may seem like I am not social, once I get going I am quite the gregarious fellow. though my free time is basically study time, I know I need to actually devote specific time to study instead of just “Oh hey, looks like I’ll study instead of watch Netflix.”. I need to devote time to study and devote time to my personal life. 


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1 Response to A week in the life…

  1. Laura Pasquini says:

    I like how your “free time” is actually studying time. I would be curious to see how that studying time breaks down — reading, re-writing notes, reviewing for tests, etc. Good luck with the balance of it this first semester… even with your commuting to class.

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