MBTI Post- More self indulgence

Guessing what these letters meant at first was like trying to teach me Latin, it just wasn’t going to work. But after our class discussion on what each of the letters meant and finding out which one I thought I was it was like speaking English. I was 3 for 4 on my letters, I managed to get the E, N and J correct but I came up short on guessing between T and F. According to the assessment I am an F, but I thought I was a T. Crazy world. I think that this report is spot on, it repeats certain question which can be irritating at times but it helped me actually pay attention to what I was answering instead of just blowing off this assignment, well, assessment test. In hindsight I’m glad I put my all into it because it really opened up the door to who I really am and want to be, a broadcaster of sports. Like I just mentioned in the previous sentence, this assessment really opened my eyes; of which were already peering into the door of broadcasting sports, but it was fuzzy. It’s like this test gave me glasses to see clearly that I know what I’m good at and if i keep on the path I’m on, I’ll be able to open the door and achieve my goal. When going to the “O-net” I searched the “Artist, coach, musician…” tab under ‘Job Families” and then went to “Broadcast News Analyst”. After looking over what they usually do (i.e. gathering data for a story, presenting the story for broadcast etc.) I found out that this is exactly what I want to do. The skills like Speaking, Active Learning/Listening and Social perceptiveness are all abilities that I’ve been graced with in my life and have fine tuned over the years. The pay is not that bad, especially when you take into consideration that, if it’s something you love, it’s overpaying. At $55,000 a year, or $26.63 an hour (both numbers represent median pay for 2012) and an expected growth rate ranging from 10 to 19 percent from 2010 to 2019  that is a lot of job potential. This test shows to me that I should be an interior designer (which is not the best idea because im colour blind.), followed by Craft Artist and Industrial/Organizational physcologist, these are all great professions, but they’re just not for me. I can appreciate these jobs and yes if sports weren’t my passion I could be the next great sculpture of Ivory. But that’s not how the cards fell for me, and it’s not what gets me going. One of the “Least Popular Job Occupations was and eltrical man. That part is spot on. I cannot deal with labor such as that. All else being said, I’m excited to become a broadcast journalist, whether it be for the Isotopes in triple-A baseball, The Houston Rockets or even Liverpool FC, I’m excited. This test has given me new light into a field work in which i had previously turned the lights off for. 

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