My Marathon

My “red rubber ball”, or really my inspiration is talking, I love to talk. Whether it be about sports or even how plants obtain nutrients, I love talking. For many years in the public school system I’d get in trouble for talking, talking to people about subjects that mutually interest us both. I’m a man of the people, I love to voice and listen to  all opinions, whether it be an opinion voiced by Obama or even an opinion of you, yes you, the one who’s reading this, I just love to be socially interactive and being able to tell people about certain topics. When it all boils down sports is what gets me talking the most, it’s my passion. I do not play sports for the school but I love to stay involved in their sporting events any way that I can. Sometimes I can drag on “too long” on a specific subject, but I feel that if it is brought up briefly, it can be talked about in depth for everything has a story. My plan as of now is to become a sports broadcaster/journalist for ESPN, but I’ll take any job as long it’s sports. It really drives me when discussing sports because no matter where you come from or who you vote for we can put all of our differences aside and discuss the beauty that is sports in the modern day world. ImageImageImage

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3 Responses to My Marathon

  1. This just cracked me up. Even though I have only known you for about a week, you are definitely someone I enjoy talking to because you keep the conversation flowing so easily! You have a great announcer voice and that would just be a neat job to have.But yeah. That’s all I have to say about that..

  2. unttemp says:

    I think it would be awesome to be a broadcaster. That’s something i’ve considered as well, and think that would be an awesome job.

  3. I don’t hold your love for sports but talking I can definitely do. I can tell you love to talk, and your deadpan delivery makes it even better. Maybe we can talk about philosophy or something. That’d be cool. Sports CAN be cool, but only rarely. Comment made. Level: I dunno.

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