Bidding Adieu to UGST

It is that time. When the grip of winter comes around it can only mean one thing, the first semester of classes for the 2013 campaign are over. Some classes I will miss, others I will not. One class in particular I will miss is that of Undergraduate Studies. I have taken away from this class the fact that everyone is different and that we all come from different backgrounds and beliefs. This semester in general has taught me that you can’t just sit around and wait for things to come to you. The only way to get anything done is to get up, get out and go to work. A lesson I’ve learned is don’t procrastinate. JUST DON’T OKAY. If you do, you’ll end up sitting at a library across from some guy with a hat typing up 10 pages you didn’t think you’d have to do making up things that you want to accomplish and then go to some weird part in the library, learning that to get to a restroom you must first get through a level in Dead Space. This is all just hypothetical and is just a figment of my imagination. Back to the point. If you procrastinate you won’t get the grade you want. (That almost rhymes!) Take it in small chunks like you would a steak. Unless you’re a wolf, then that advice doesn’t work and the more pressing issue is that a wolf is reading a WordPress blog. Growing this past semester is something I’ve done. Both in height and mentally. Mentally it’s been about taking responsibility for myself and understanding that no one else will be held responsible for me except for me. Oh, and in case you were wondering I’ve grown 1/4 quarter of an inch since starting my tenure here at UNT back in August 2013. WOOH. A major/career I have in mind is that of broadcast journalism, specifically sports. I plan on starting small or maybe even trying to take on one of the biggest littler cities (Jacksonville, Houston etc) The plans for me in the future are about as well known as what’s gonna happen in the Game of Thrones Series. Though I’ve never seen the series I know enough to know that things are crazy and unpredictable, kind of like my life. Greatness is coming for me, I know it, but just like the dragons and winter of the aforementioned television/book series, no one knows when but it’s coming. And so it with a heavy heart I bid goodbye to UGSTu . It’s been one hell of a ride but as they say all good things must come to an end. See you all in the future. This has been Ryan Phelan, signing off for the last time, you stay classy UGST



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Ryan Phelan; A TED like talk.

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Spirituality, yeah.

Im back! This is not the last post on here…as much as I would like it to be. I am kidding of course. Spirituality to me is just believing in something greater than yourself. For me I believe in nothing but science. Sure I might be wrong but it’s what I believe. That does not, by any means, mean that I immediately reject all forms a religion and say they’re wrong. I love listening to people talk about their religion and how it makes them who they are. I speak in the same way as in the fact I do not follow anything. Tolerance for others religious beliefs or lack there of is paramount in being able to openly talk with the person about religion. I have a very close friend who is very Christian and he knows I am not religious, so I’ll say something about evolution (humorously) and he will rebuttal with something Christian (humorously). It is a great friendship because we both know one another beliefs and respect them while also making humor of our scenarios. It is the way the world should be. Christians and Muslims hanging out with one another and Jews and Muslims respecting one another culture. Alas, that is not the world we live in today. Hospitality is also very important because when you meet someone new you will want to present yourself as hospitable. That shows them they can be easy and themselves around you, regardless of anyone’s beliefs. Understanding someones religious views are just as important as respecting them, but you cannot respect what you don’t know. Researching peoples religions is a very key in understanding the person, whether it be by reading texts or by talking to people. Once you tolerate, make yourself open, and understand their religions then can you only truly accept them. Though you can of course accept them regardless whether you know a lot or nothing about religion. Finally, admiring what is a strong point of a persons religion and wanting to hold that value in your own personal life is “Holy Envy”; Envying qualities of a certain religion that you do not follow but may incorporate  into your own ring of beliefs. 

Van Halen am I right?


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Diversity and stuff!

I personally don’t read a lot of books, I’ve read a few here and there but I don’t like to read. I usually read history books or just books that interest me, no dramas or murder books. If it has an apple or neck tie I’m not gonna read it either. What? That’s not what we’re talking about? Awkward. Well either way I’ve judged people, it’s just a natural human thing to do. If I see how a certain person dresses or acts then i immediately categorize them into a stereotype; which is an awful thing to do. I would see a person dressed in all black and associate them with the emo or gothic crowd or I’d see someone who could have used more clothing coverage and associate them into a group. I tend to associate myself with really anybody. I can be comfortable with really anybody talking about anything. I guess that’d make me into the social group? Maybe that’s not a group, or maybe I’m making my own; who knows. Values to me are just being morally right. Doing what is right and not doing what would be considered wrong. I am not religious by any means but I am open to listening to anything and am not judgmental towards religions (unless of course I’m being humorous). My purpouse on this Earth is up to me, it’s up to me what I do here in the time I’m given. If I die tomorrow somehow or whatever hey, it is what it is. I’ve served my purpose. Survival of the fittest right? Sorry for the bleakness. I have a great friend who is very religious (Christianity) and he and I love to banter back and forth about evolution and creationism. It is all in good fun and we both accept and listen to what the other says, but we stick to our guns. My personal beliefs are strengthened by what i have observed over these 19 years or so that I’ve walked upon this earth and what I believe to not be right, but just what I believe. I could be wrong in believing in creationsim and evolution but it’s my choice and so be it. To broaden my perspective on the world around me I listen to all beliefs and what they have to say. I take it in and keep it in the back of my head as knowledge just to have. I have learned about many religions and think they are all very interesting but I just choose not to identify myself with any. You could say I’m Atheist, but that’s a harsh word. I don’t believe in a God though, I believe in myself. Weird right? I believe that if animals do not have a religion than why I? I mean, basically humans are nothing more than animals but we have adapted the ability to cognitively think and with the use of opposable thumbs we’ve taken advantage of this world. Sorry for the rant, but it’s just what I believe. I will not tell you you’re wrong and nor will I judge you. I will respect what you have to say and rhetorically engage in a conversation with you. Live and let live, hakuna matata. I plan to go to different religions meetings/gatherings and listen to what people have to say. Maybe a club or something like that. I;m not really sure. But I want to have the whole world open to me so I know what I’m not believing in and why, or why I’m believing in what I believe in. If that makes sense? Sorry I jump around, I kind of just took off like a rocket and the boosters just stayed on. Also, I believe this is the final “word press” post. in that case. This has been Ryan Phelan, also known as “The King”.

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Elevator Pitch!

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Post 12? What I learned from the Student Money Management Center.

Well aside spreading Christmas cheer but not singing loud for all to hear, I learned about managing my money. We were given a task in which we were given $700 to survive a zombie survival situation from main campus to Discovery Park. We only lost one person which wasn’t too bad because we had 6 left over (myself being included). I learned that we should only buy what we needed and not spend any money that we can save (i.e cutting back on social spending etc). I also learned that I’ll need to plan for the future by predicting what I’ll need maybe next week or the following week. By having a set amount of money aside I can cover emergencies whether they are medical or spontaneous situations that require money. Having that money can go a long way in helping me out in the short and long run. 

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